Our History



Srichai Watch began as a personal dream for Sackchai Ounpitipong, a determined young watchmaker from Thailand. Through his hard work and dedication, Ounpitipong has, over the span of 45 years, built Srichai Watch from a small-scaled watch retailer in provincial Chanthaburi to one of the most trusted family-owned Official Rolex Retailers in Thailand. Now with the second generation of the Ounpitipong family at helm, Srichai Watch continues to excite customers with its wide array of Rolex timepieces while educating fellow watch enthusiasts with its in-depth product and technical knowledge.


The genesis of Srichai Watch began some four decades ago in the province of Chanthaburi, nearly 215 kilometres away from Bangkok, Thailand. Back then, Chanthaburi was popular with both local and tourists and many thronged the city to visit its waterfalls, beaches and historical sites. Chanthaburi was also where Sackchai Ounpitipong, a trained watchmaker, harboured a lifelong dream to be a watch retailer. In February 1975, Ounipitipong opened the doors to Srichai Watch, a humble boutique that planted the seeds of a long-standing relationship with its customers for years to come.


Srichai Watch might have been a modest outfit but its presence in Chanthaburi got customers excited on the prospect of being able to be exposed to a larger array of watches. But because of his passion for watches, in-depth knowledge and excellent customer service, Ounpitipong managed to grow and develop the business extensively in a matter of years. The year 1982 became an eventful one when Srichai Watch expanded the boutique to twice its original size and joined the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers.


Business was brisk at Srichai Watch as it grew its customer base by delivering sincere service to its customers, many of whom developed a trusted long-standing relationship with the sales team over the years. Always serving his customers with sincerity, Ounpitipong continued running Srichai Watch for another two decades before passing on the baton to his son, Prateep, to carry on his legacy. In September 2006, Prateep shifted Srichai Watch’s operations to Bangkok, opening the first Rolex boutique at CentralWorld, in the heart of the city.


Not one to rest on his laurels, Prateep continued pushing his team and himself to constantly upgrade their product knowledge and customer service. Srichai Watch’s business grew steadily over the years eventually requiring a larger space in order to showcase the entire range of Rolex watches to its burgeoning base of customers. In November 2010, Srichai Watch shifted to a new 120 square-metres-big space within CentralWorld before relocating to an even bigger space within the shopping mall eight years later. The latest boutique, where it continues to be at today, is located in the prime area of CentralWorld—an indication that Srichai Watch belongs to the crème de la crème of brands in the prestigious mall.


Till this day, Srichai Watch is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers. Its sales staff constantly keep themselves abreast of the latest watch trends and are also up-to-date with the latest product offerings from Rolex. At Srichai Watch, customers can view and enjoy a wide selection of Rolex timepieces in an elegant, luxurious and spacious environment, as well as engage with its experienced and knowledgeable staff in horological discourse.